Grandslam is a DNA sample of a Gigasmaximus from Gigantauran.


He has a humanoid body, two muscular arms, two sets of grinding teeth. He has some blue screws on his elbow, back and knees so that he can pump some muscles to make him bigger and stronger.  He has the omnimatrix on his chest.

In Ultimate Evolution, he has a green belt on his waist where the Ultimamatrix symbol is placed. His Ultimate form has two more hands that are also blasters, big spikes at the end of his new tail and spine, and the Ultimamatrix symbol is placed on his forehead.

Powers and Abilities.Edit

Grandslam has enhanced strength enough to carry a 10 tonned spaceship. His teeth are strong enough to grind a shiny,  gold armor and even the metal that Iron Man wears. He has blue screws,  and sometimes red when angry, that can add more muscles, size and speed so that he can become stronger, faster, and bigger like Humongosaur and his Ultimate form.


Due to his huge feet, he is very slow and makes a lot of noise making him difficult to hide, and a bit clumsy while walking. If he increases his Muscles, speed and size so much he might blow and become weak without muscles.

Ultimate Form Powers and AbilitiesEdit

His ultimate form Ultimate Grandslam (Enormoslam) has two new hands which are now blasters that blast fire from the left and water from the right. He has spikes on his new tall tail which can grow and  be usefull for hitting villains with, and he can grow up till 20 feet high.

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