Name Antony Menhem
Age 7


Ranger White Ranger, Shadow Ranger, White Shadow Ranger, White Ninja Ranger, Shadow Ninja Ranger, White Shadow Ninja Ranger, Super White Ranger, Super Shadow Ranger, Super White Shadow Ranger.
Morpher Unimorpher, Shadow Morpher, Unishadowmorpher, Ninja Morpher, Shadow Morpher 2, Shadowninja morpher, Supermorpher, Super Shadowmorpher, Super White Shadowmorpher.
Zords Tiger, Elephant, Delta Base, Condor, Triceratops, Sabertooth Tiger, Grizzly Bear, Polar Bears, Alligator, Armadillo, Deer, Leopard, Dolphin.
Weapons Tiger Sword, Elephant Shield, Shadow Blade, Shadow Gun, Tricera Hammer, Sabertooth Saber, Grizzly and Polar Bear Arms, Alligator Snapper, Armadillo Striker, Deer Clutcher, Leopard Jumper, Dolphin Blaster.
Vehicles Tiger Trans Armor Cycle, Elephant Astro Cycle, Delta ATV, Condor Flyer, Tricer Dinorider, Sabertooth Car, Grizzly/Polar Motorbike, Alligator Galaxy Glider, Armadillo Wheel, Deer Board, Leopard Racer, Dolphin Submarine.

Claws of the Tiger, United Megaforce White

Crush of the Elephant, United Megaforce White

Delta Base United, Shadow United Megaforce

Condor United, Shadow United Megaforce

3x power of the Triceratops, White Shadow United Meaforce

Teeth of the Sabertooth Tiger, White Shadow United Megaforce

Grizzle of the Bear, White Ninja Ranger

Cold of the Polar Bear, Shadow Ninja Ranger

Bite of the Alligator, White Shadow Ninja Ranger

Strike of the Armadillo, White Shadow NInja Ranger

Clutch of the Deer, Super White Ranger

Speed of the Leopard, Super Shadow Ranger

Jump of the Dolphin, Super White Shadow Ranger.